/Twitter Is Blocking My Tweets

Twitter Is Blocking My Tweets

I had tried tweeting on the Iowa Democrats refusing to announce caucus results and instead calling for an investigation. I tried tweeting this first as text, then as a screenshot. Neither went through:

I then tried Tweeting this:

I do not have any notices from Twitter either via e-mail or in my Twitter backstage about my account. Autotweets do appear to be going through but not new tweets I initiate from my account.

It is also blocking retweets. I tried retweeting a Reuters tweet as an experiment but that was rejected too.

Needless to say, this is appalling. particularly the lack of notice. And I see nothing in my recent tweets to justify this, save promoting a lot of Sanders tweets. Is the basis for this ban?

Update: so far, this Tweet has not gone through as an autotweet, so it appears my account has been blocked.

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